About Us

About Us

Mehran Movers International, a leading name in Pakistan moving industry, provides most reliable and cost effective services both domestically and internationaly.

Being professional, our services are incomparable following international standards in any thing we offer. All our services are designed to reduce the time, money and energy.

Mehran Movers International is always committed to provide hassle-free movement of your valuable articles. We are here to ensure safe logistic arrangements.

In a nutshell, ‘we deliver the best’. This is our Motto. Needless to say that the entire moving process is done by the experts applying the modern techniques while utilising the suitable material. When it comes to moving, making the right choice is very important. You should go for the one which has the resources, knowledge, skill and ability to manage any move; safely! It would be a great privilege for us to serve all our customers with total commitment and dedication.

Customers are our primary concern and their contentment with our services means a lot to us. We understand that we exist because our customers have faith in us. Therefore, we constantly endeavor to maintain their trust in us.

Mehran Movers International vigorously chases the constant performers in this field and offers them with the best perks commensurate with their performance.

Mehran Movers International is a full service relocation moving company established in Pakistan. We specialize in International Relocations of Household Goods and Personal Effects & Freight Forwarding.

Mehran Movers International is always responsive to all different needs of its Customers. For promptness and responsiveness in our services, which are mandatory for the maintenance of high standards of quality, we are committed to serve our customers and stake holders with Our full and undivided attention at all times

We made this essential to gain confidence and future partnerships for the ultimate goal of strategic business around the globe.

We ensure to take corrective/remedial actions whenever and wherever found necessary.

We believe that in timely & effective communication is the key to our success.